The American Lebanese Policy Institute Political Action Committee (ALPI PAC) unequivocally condemns the terrorist attack on the US Embassy in Beirut on May 5, 2024. The attack, allegedly perpetrated by a member of ISIS, represents a heinous act of violence against a symbol of international cooperation and diplomacy.

ALPI PAC extends profound gratitude to the Lebanese Army, the embassy protection team, and the Lebanese Internal Security Forces for their immediate and decisive response. Their coordinated efforts were instrumental in neutralizing the threat and ensuring the safety of embassy personnel.

We commend the Lebanese Army for its rapid and comprehensive efforts to identify, apprehend, and investigate all individuals involved in this attack. Their diligence in pursuing justice and securing the region is crucial for the continued safety of both Lebanese and American interests.

ALPI PAC has maintained open channels of communication throughout this incident, closely monitoring developments due to their significant impact on American Lebanese relations and broader US strategic interests.

In discussions with the US administration, ALPI PAC has underscored the persistent threat posed by armed militias, particularly Hezbollah and its affiliated illegal groups. These entities continue to compromise the security of Lebanon and its institutions, posing a substantial risk to regional stability.

Furthermore, ALPI PAC are deeply concerned about the recent escalations in southern Lebanon and call on the international community to take firm action to prevent Hezbollah and Iran from further destabilizing the region. It is imperative to safeguard Lebanon from being manipulated into conflict with Israel, driven by external influences.

ALPI PAC condemns Iran’s ongoing destabilizing activities in the Middle East and its efforts to undermine peace initiatives. The international community must address these threats with urgency to preserve regional stability and security.