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ALPI PAC, the nonpartisan political action committee, is the only PAC aimed solely at representing the interests of the United States, and the American Lebanese community. It is critically important that all ALPI PAC members be active participants in the political process, through either ALPI PAC or related ALPI PAC legislative programs.


The goal of ALPI PAC, is to ensure that the interests of the United States, and the American Lebanese Community are represented on Capitol Hill. Its specific objectives are:
• To work closely with the government of United States to support and protect Lebanon’s full sovereignty, political independence, and territorial integrity. Striving to promote and safeguard American interests in the Middle East, ALPI PAC believes that a free and democratic Lebanon serves the national interest of the United States.

• Advancing freedom and human dignity, as the God-given inalienable right of every human being and a just alternative to blind extremism and terrorism.


ALPI PAC was established in 2020. ALPI PAC reports monthly to the Federal Election Commission, in addition to following contribution regulations set forth by the FEC. Further, ALPI PAC is governed by a Board of Trustees. As Follows: President, Vice President, Custodian of Records/ Executive Director, Treasurer and Secretary. ALPI PAC Board of Trustees consists of five members. The term of office of a Trustee is four years in each position, and they each represent a different geographic region. Other ALPI PAC Trustees serve in an honoree capacity. ALPI PAC is actively seeking opportunities to have a state society representative personally deliver campaign contributions to federal candidates or whenever possible.

Candidates Contributions

ALPI PAC fulfills its mission by identifying and supporting incumbent and challenger candidates for Local and federal office. These candidates must demonstrate their support for the positions of vital importance to ALPI PAC mission. Contributions supporting the two-party political system are a guiding principle of ALPI PAC.


Board Members