The American Lebanese Policy Institute PAC (ALPI PAC)  vehemently condemns the heinous assault on Tower 22 in Jordan, where three members of the United States Army paid the ultimate sacrifice, and two dozen others were gravely wounded in a drone attack orchestrated by radical Iran-backed militant factions operating within Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq.

 The PAC unreservedly stands in solidarity with the grieving families during this trying period, extending heartfelt condolences, and fervently praying for the eternal repose of the victims and the swift recovery of the wounded.

The PAC pays tribute to the valor of American troops, who, undeterred by the distance from their homeland, courageously safeguard global peace and protect the interests of the United States and its allies in the region. Their commitment to duty, often at great personal risk, merits the highest commendation.

This egregious incident serves as a stark reminder of the imperative for a resolute and decisive strategy in dealing with the likes of radical Iran-backed militant groups, prominently exemplified by Hezbollah. The PAC underscores the urgency of a conclusive solution to counteract these threats to international security.

In conclusion, ALPI PAC cautions that the severity of this attack should not be underestimated by the United States Government, emphasizing the critical need to address the substantial power wielded by Hezbollah in Lebanon and in the region. It is time the United States holds Iran responsible for the actions of its proxies.

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