In response to the recent assaults on Lebanese sovereignty perpetrated by both Israel and Hamas, the American Lebanese Policy Institute Political Action Committee (ALPI PAC) issues an uncompromising condemnation, emphasizing the critical necessity for a neutral and respectful approach by all parties involved.

ALPI PAC unequivocally condemns the convergence of Hamas militia and their illicit activities within Lebanon. It asserts that groups like Hamas should have no presence in Lebanon or any other sovereign nation, and their actions are categorically illegal. The organization urgently calls upon the Lebanese government and the Lebanese Army to take immediate and decisive action by expelling all foreign, internationally recognized terrorist groups, including Hamas. Such measures are imperative to uphold the nation’s integrity and security, as the existence of Hamas and similar entities in Lebanon poses a direct threat, undermining the stability and well-being of the region.

Since October 7, 2023, ALPI PAC has consistently forewarned about the severe consequences if militias such as Hezbollah and Hamas persist in actions jeopardizing Lebanon’s security. The recent actions by Hezbollah have enabled the reinforcement of Hamas and similar militias in Lebanon, creating an opportunity for Israel to exploit Hezbollah’s behavior and the presence of these militias to assault Lebanese sovereignty.

ALPI PAC’s foresight underscores the urgent need for proactive measures to mitigate risks and shield Lebanon from potential harm.

In the face of escalating tensions, ALPI PAC implores the United States and the international community to exert unyielding diplomatic pressure on all parties involved. The organization emphasizes the paramount importance of sparing Lebanon from the destructive consequences of war and calls for a collective commitment to respecting the principles outlined in UN resolutions 1559 and 1701.

ALPI PAC remains actively engaged in an open and unwavering dialogue with decision-makers, collaborating with stakeholders to ensure the long-term peace and prosperity of Lebanon. Furthermore, ALPI PAC stands firm in its commitment to protecting the interests of both the American and American Lebanese communities in the Middle East and the broader region.

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