The American Lebanese Policy Institute, Political Action Committee (ALPI_PAC), is issuing an impassioned call for unity on the eve of Lebanon’s first anniversary without a president. In a resounding plea, ALPI PAC urges Lebanese politicians to cast aside personal interests and come together to elect a resolute, independent, and courageous leader who fully grasps Lebanon’s pivotal role on the international stage.

 ALPI PAC President Paul El Hindi and Executive Director Joseph Hage embarked on a critical mission to Lebanon in recent weeks, engaging in crucial discussions with influential decision-makers. Their consensus was unequivocal and urgent—Lebanon must swiftly elect a new president, without any delay, and the parliament must fulfill its responsibility in this regard. It is imperative that Lebanon maintains its neutrality and avoids becoming entangled in the Israel-Hamas conflict, even in the presence of groups like #Hamas and #Hezbollah within its borders.

The PAC’s unrelenting communication with U.S. policymakers aims to exert unwavering pressure on Lebanese politicians, including the consideration of sanctions, to compel them to convene an open, consecutive session dedicated to electing a new president.

As American Lebanese citizens, we passionately implore our community, who entrusted their votes to the 128 deputies in Lebanon, to unite and exert unwavering pressure on their representatives in Lebanon. Their active involvement is crucial in ensuring a new president is elected without delay.

Lebanon stands at a pivotal crossroads, and ALPI PAC’s urgent call for unity and a steadfast leader is a clarion call for the preservation of Lebanon’s paramount interests on the global stage.