The American Lebanese Policy Institute Political Action Committee (ALPI PAC) vehemently condemns Hezbollah’s interference and involvement in the ongoing Palestinian-Israeli conflict. We stand firm in asserting Lebanon’s neutrality and emphasize the importance of respecting international norms and United Nations resolutions. Hezbollah’s aggressive interference in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict severely undermines peace efforts and poses a direct threat to the stability of the entire region.

Lebanon, as a sovereign nation, must unequivocally commit to a policy of strict neutrality to guarantee the well-being and security of its citizens. The unwarranted involvement of non-state actors egregiously amplifies tensions, sabotaging any chance of achieving peaceful resolutions. This direct involvement of Hezbollah also significantly amplifies the possibility of an Israeli invasion, further pushing Lebanon into an abyss already underway and rendering living standards and safety the worst Lebanese citizens have ever experienced. ALPI PAC urges all parties to honor and uphold United Nations Resolutions 1701, 1559, and 1680. UN Resolution 1701, in particular, calls for a cessation of hostilities, the deployment of Lebanese armed forces, and the disarmament of all armed groups in Lebanon. Resolution 1559 stresses the importance of political sovereignty, territorial integrity, and a free and fair electoral process in Lebanon. Resolution 1680 reaffirms the sovereignty, territorial integrity, and political independence of Lebanon. We call upon the international community to support Lebanon’s sovereignty and respect its stance of neutrality.

It is crucial to uphold the UN resolutions that serve to maintain peace, security, and stability in the region. ALPI PAC remains committed to advocating for policies that advance a peaceful, secure, and prosperous future for Lebanon and its people.