Desperate situations and deplorable actions need to be addressed swiftly and urgently.
Following ALPI-PAC executive team’s visit to members of congress in July delivering an appeal and suggestions to move the presidential elections process forward in Lebanon, Secretary Blinken received a request; from high-ranking members of U.S. House of Representatives, for specific actions the administration needs to implement to safeguard what’s left of Lebanon’s institutions.
The ALPI-PAC members with their sympathizers and supporters across the United States are thankful to Rep. Darin LaHoud, Rep. Darrel Issa and Rep. Max Miller for their well crafted letter to Sec. Blinken recommending actions to target all those politicians obstructing the presidential electoral process in the Lebanese Parliament.
Moreover, the congressmen issued the letter on the third anniversary of the horrific and tragic explosion at the port of Beirut and asked for honest and transparent investigation into the tragic explosion criticizing the inaction of the Lebanese Government and the obstruction of the investigation.
The PAC maintain a high level of awareness in the U.S. with elected or appointed officials to prevent Hezbollah and its allies from taking advantage of the power vacuum.
Our commitment to support the institutions in Lebanon overrides any other interests.
The Lebanese Armed Forces, and to a certain degree the judiciary branch, have maintained their institutional functions and we will work arduously in the U.S. to support their missions, to isolate them from the internal political pressure of the corrupt ruling class.