ALPI PAC, represented by the Treasurer Mr. Joseph Sfeir, contributed to a fundraising event for Congresswoman Michelle Steel in Irvine California. Representative Steel is leading a Caucus focused on the threats China could pose to the United States, and its abuse of human rights against minorities. The ALPI PAC advised Ms. Steel to join the U.S – Lebanon friendship caucus in an effort to fight terrorism and maintain freedom, democracy and sovereignty of Lebanon. Ms. Steel has been spearheading the fight against the drug cartels in Central America supported by Hezbollah and stop the fentanyl drug border crossing that is killing thousands of Americans. Curbing the fentanyl crossing into the US border will directly impact the funding source of the terrorist organization Hezbollah, hence protecting the US security interests in Lebanon and the Middle East.

During the event Mr. Steve Garvey was introduced and he hinted on running for California Senate seat in next year primary elections. Mr. Garvey strongly believes in his conservative values by protecting and nurturing faith in God, strengthening family ties and rallying around and protecting our country the United States of America.