ALPI PAC was honored to have hosted a fundraising for Congressman Max Miller on Friday April 14 and 15 in Los Angeles, California.
Congressman Miller is from the State of Ohio. He is a bright and driven 34 year old elected to his first term in Congress, winning his race by double digits.
Previously, he served for four years in the White House as a Director of Presidential Advance and as Senior Advisor to President Donald Trump. He also proudly served as a United States Marine for six years.
ALPI PAC team hosted 2 fundraisers for Congressman Miller with the American Lebanese Community and business leaders.
The topics of discussions included but were not limited to the concern of all migrants entering the United States through the southern borders, the current economic situation in the United States, and the drug trafficking that is being supported and orchestrated by Lebanon Hezbollah, China and implemented by the Mexican and Central American drug cartels.
Also discussed was educations, restoring family values, labor shortage, and lack of engagement of the Biden Administration in foreign policy.
The situation in the Middle East and specifically Lebanon was the main topic of discussion and the important role the United States play regarding the presidential election.
Finally Congressman Miller is seeking to join the U.S. – Lebanon Friendship Caucus in the Congress of the United States.