The American Lebanese Policy Institute PAC (ALPI-PAC) participated in the “International Democrat Union (IDU) Forum” held in Washington DC from 12/6/22 to 12/8/22. IDU is The Global Alliance of the Center Right, conservative parties and conservative organizations with the sole purpose of advancing conservative political values.

Headed by Chairman Stephen Harper, former Canada’s Prime minister, IDU forum hosted three days of events and panels addressing current global issues like current security of Europe and its future following the Russian aggression on Ukraine, threats caused by alliances like the Iranian-Russian military alliance, and China’s aggressive expansionism around the world.

ALPI-PAC sponsored a reception and engaged in multiple sessions exchanging information about the state of regimes oppressing democratic processes in their countries. The ALPI PAC keynote speakers were President Paul Elhindi and Executive Director Joseph Hage, and invited guest Rep. Max Miller, newly elected congressman in the State of Ohio. Mr. Elhindi joined a breakfast meeting with Chairman Stephen Harper and IDU leadership.

Mr. Elhindi presented the ALPI PAC and highlighted the purpose in its pursuit to safeguard the interests of the United States and the American Lebanese community, “Our belief in freedom and human dignity as the God-given inalienable right of every human being stands in stark contrast to blind extremism and terrorism”, and added “Our presence here tonight is to highlight the ongoing struggle of Lebanon and the Lebanese people vis-a-vis the continuous control of the Iranian-backed Hezbollah and its allies on the democratic institutions in Lebanon. That control, gained through intimidation, political assassinations, and the use of illegal and non-democratic means is bringing Lebanon to its knees and robbing all hope from its youth”. Mr. Elhindi stressed the importance of the IDU role in all countries lacking democratic representation in their regimes, “It is in the interest of the IDU family and its member parties, to adopt and support motions and policies that will give back hope to the Lebanese people who are taken hostages by Hezbollah and their backers in the Iranian Regime. We stand by you all, moving forward to protect and promote our joint values, to build a better world for ourselves and our children”.

Mr. Hage was part of a Panel of experts discussing the “Revolution” in Iran against the theocratic regime and the demand for women rights, the brutal repression of the regime against its peaceful demonstrators. Moreover, the military and disturbing regional expansion of Iran and its use of proxies like Hezbollah for operating cells of terror and drug smuggling operations around the world. Mr. Hage highlighted the active role Hezbollah is taking in manufacturing a drug pill known as Captagon; which is a highly addictive amphetamine and shipping it worldwide. He added: “The alliance between Hezbollah with Mexican drug cartels is another threat to US national security due to the increase of smuggling of fentanyl and amphetamine along the southern US border which is causing an alarming number of overdose deaths around the country”. Drug smuggling and money laundering are a source of income for Hezbollah survival without the Iranian regime financing of its illicit operations. On other issues, H.E. Maia Sandu President of the Republic of Moldova gave an update on the situation facing her government after the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and the struggle to accommodate Ukrainian refugees and prepare for possible Russian aggression. Senator Dan Sullivan (R) spoke about conservative values under attack be it in the US or elsewhere around the world and he warned about the situation getting out of control in Ukraine undermining global economic and military stability.

ALPI-PAC had its main speaker at the reception newly elected congressperson from Ohio the honorable Max Miller. Mr. Miller, 34, was elected to his first term in Congress by winning his November election by double digits. Mr. Miller spoke about the need for a stronger US administration response towards Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, The Iranian regime oppression and murdering its own people namely women, and China’s bullying in the south China sea and against Taiwan. The ALPI PAC was requested to participate in future discussions to assist in shaping policies affecting the global status of democracy and spreading conservative values.

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