The ALPI PAC participated in a conversation/meeting with Assistant Secretary of State for NEA, Ambassador Ms. Barbara Leaf at the Wilson Center Middle East Program in Washington DC. Introduction was delivered by Mr. James F. Jefferey, Chair of the Middle East program, and the meeting was moderated by Mr. David Hale, Former Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs.

Several topics were discussed including US sanctions and pressure against Lebanese corrupt politicians, hence the need to escalate the local pressure is of paramount importance, confirmation that the US government had no negotiations with Hezbollah in the maritime border agreement between Israel and Lebanon, Israel cancellation of the maritime border accord is not imminent between Lebanon and Israel., Syrian refugees crisis, Iranian revolution, Saudi relations with the US not impacting Lebanon, Abraham Accord, Role of the Lebanese Diaspora, Lebanese women and the youths, Magnitsky act, Lebanon recent parliament elections, Ukraine crisis and the potential weakening presence of Russia in the Middle East namely Syria, Hezbollah direct involvement in the US cross border drug trafficking, Jordanian electricity deal in development stage and last but not least US commitment to a robust continued support to Lebanese Armed Forces.

The ALPI PAC is actively engaged in most of the topics discussed in the meeting, namely Hezbollah direct involvement in the US cross border Fentanyl drug trafficking. The PAC is working closely with key representatives in the US Congress to assist in combating the Fentanyl crisis. In addition, the PAC is strongly supporting the recently elected opposition parliament members in Lebanon by assisting them in forming policies by direct engagement with US officials.