ALPI PAC fully supports the letter released by The Congress of the United States
issued on 4/6/2022. 23 Members of Congress addressed a letter to the Honorable
Anthony J. Blinken, Secretary of State, United States Department of State, in which they
support the following:

  1. Stop any entity or individual that may disrupt the May 15, 2022 parliamentary
  2. Monitor the process to ensure a free and fair elections.
  3. Ensure that the diaspora votes.
  4. Maintain support to the Lebanese Armed Forces and Internal Security Forces.
  5. Support Lebanon’s civil society in its pursuit of democracy.

The referenced letter falls precisely in the ALPI PAC mission and objective. First and
foremost, supports and protects the United States government interests by ensuring the
spread of democracy, and second, electing a Lebanese Parliament that will work
towards abolishing any international terrorist organizations, like Hezbollah, that
threatens international stability and more importantly The United States security.

Here is a copy of the letter by the Congress of the United States dated 4/6/22.