ALPI PAC fully supports the letter released by The Congress of the United States
issued on 2/16/2022. 165 Members of Congress addressed a letter to the Honorable
Joseph R. Biden, President of the United States, in which they categorically oppose any
“guarantees” the Iranian regime is requesting for the US sanctions never be re-imposed
as long as they comply with the terms of an agreement being negotiated in Vienna,
without formal Congressional approval.
The referenced letter aligns precisely with the ALPI PAC mission that, first and foremost
supports and protects the United States government interests, and second, abolish any
international terrorist organizations that threatens international stability and more
importantly The United States security. We support the constant pressure building onto
the Iranian regime to give up their nuclear program, stop interfering and meddling in
regional governments and supporting regional proxy wars lead by Hezbollah in

Read the full letter here